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The way that beauty should be presented. Don't be afraid to value yourself as that Birkin bag, because you create your own definition of beauty. 

About Us

Mink Lahes

7 Figure Mami

This is our very bold and dramatic 25MM lash, that demands the room. period.

7 Figure mami

Boss Lady

Something Very subtle, yet bossy enough for the Boss in charge.

Boss Lady


Our very pretty and bold lash.



When she's a rarity and just cant be for eveyone


Rich B*tch

One of our dramatic 25MM, lash thats suited for the richest and baddest.

Rich B*TCH

LuxBabe Lash Gripper

Perfect set of tweezers, to assist in putting on a luxbabe lashes.

LuxeBabe Lash Gripper

We Love Selfies🌹

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